Allow your members to network online. Increase the added value of your existing network or build a new network.Enable your network to collaborate, connect, and learn from each other by profiling.

A powerful built-in search engine ensures that people find each other easily.

People are automatically grouped to discover new people in the network.

Start a conversation in no time, or share a message on the community timeline.


Forum & Posts

With the built-in post function, users can get in touch directly through a message on the forum. Whether on desktop, laptop or mobile. It is even possible to send push notifications to the device of the user or certain users! In this way you as a user always stay informed about what is going on in your community.


Personal & Company profile

With a personal profile you give users the opportunity to profile themselves and their company online in your network. Added value for your users and more insight into your own data. The profiles are also SEO friendly, and it provides more traffic to your platform.

Users can add skills and show what they excel in.

The company profile includes the contact details of the organization.

The messages recently posted by the user are also displayed.



Create, manage, or host an event for the entire community, or create it exclusively for certain users of your platform. \n\nDirectly see which users are still coming in the Participant List, and direct directions via Google Maps.


Sell ​​subscriptions on autopilot with Stripe

A fully automated subscription service. From the first contact to the payment. Direct money to your account via direct debit (SEPA) or CreditCard. \n\nYou determine when, why and how much.

Give paying members access to exclusive events and documents

Users have full insight into the details of their subscription and all invoices

We are happy to help you configure and set up your subscription structure


Add extra value to your network through relevant content in the form of a download or video. Gain insight into the interest of your users.

Integrate with 1000+ apps

Add each new user to a specific MailChimp list? New lead in Salesforce? All no problem.

Configure as you wish

Your community, Your logo, your domain and your house style. We make sure that your users feel at home.

Safe, reliable and fast

Your community runs on the super advanced Google Cloud platform. Very fast, always available and your data is stored securely.