Big Dash Showcases

With our Big Dash community software we have delivered some beautiful projects, and we keep supporting our customers in their growth. Here we will show you a couple of our best projects.


Regio Zwolle Connect

Regio Zwolle Connect created a network for all local entrepreneurs in the Zwolle region on relevant subjects on the corporate market.

Oxfam Novib

The Oxfam Novib Ondernemers voor Ondernemers network holds over 750 entrepreneurs and business representatives while supporting local entrepreneurs in developing countries all over the world.


NLinBusiness gathers all available information on global entrepreneurship and offers that on their international community platform.

OmniHis B.V.

OmniHis B.V. provides all of her customers in a easy-to-use, closed customerportal which focuses on support for their business software for all general practitioners in the Netherlands.